Sierra Leone Update



I bring you greetings of glad tidings from the First Primitive Baptist Fellowship branch in Valunia Chiefdom, Bo District, Sierra Leone.

 On Saturday 16th November, 2019. I woke in the morning feeling very tired and pains in my left keens and toes, after finished up my morning chaos (cleaning and fetching water, etc) I got ready to leave my home in Bo city to Kongokpha for our Sunday worship service. I got ready and went to the motorbike hiring station to make arrangement for the trip, and we departed Bo city at about 2:00PM. To God is the glory we had a safe trip to my first stop. Afterwards, I had to trekk on foot for about 5 ½ hours from Baomahum village to Kongokpha village respectively. On my arrival in the village that evening I passed by the fellowship meeting site to inspect the progress of the work; from what I saw I was so encouraged and felt very happy the Lord is helping us overcome our physical challenges.

Photo Credit: Dominic Sundima Pessima – Area the triangle is pointing to is showing work done so far

Photo Credit: Dominic Sundima Pessima – The hired motorbike for the trip

17th November, 2019. At about 7:30 AM I held a community meeting in Kongokpha village to re-inform the people (community leaders and other villagers) about their commitment and promise to provide laborers who could help in the construction work at the church site. On behalf of the village Elders, Mr. Bashiru thanked me for the gentle reminder and love shown for their village, he said they have been thinking of helping the work but lately they were overwhelmed with other activities on their farm and as soon as they have some free time they will ensure to help us with some work at the site, if God willing. During this meeting the Lord burden my heart to teach them about the importance of safe and clean drinking water, how to make water safe for drinking, healthy living lifestyle and installed three new Sawyer water filters given to me by Sweet Water Outreach – USA.

Photo Credit: Dominic Sundima Pessima – Community Meeting in Kongokpha Village Community Meeting House. (Dominic in the white T-shirt on the high table, on my Right is Mr. Bashiru
Photo Credit: Dominic Sundima Pessima – Water filter station

After the community meeting, some of the Christian brethren who were around gather together at our meeting house for worship service. We had prayers, singing (Cappella), and the Lord gave me the liberty to preach from the book of James 2: 2-10 and I titled my sermon “Don’t show partiality among yourselves” everyone was very happy to receive the message as they kept saying Amen, Amen throughout. During the worship service something amazing happened, we got five Children who have never being to Church before came to join us from the local Muslim clerics’ (Muslim leader/preacher) home, though they sent for them many time they didn’t leave till we ended the worship service. Immediately we ended the worship service a brother walkup to me and asked for a home in our fellowship as he have being a Muslim throughout his life time but he has not being too comfortable with their beliefs and teachings, he has being listening to most of my teaching so God has touched his heart today to be a Christian and he will be happy to have a home with us. I felt so happy in my heart and we prayed with him and encouraged him to be persistence in learning the beauty of God’s sovereign grace in Christ Jesus alone. Afterwards, I presented the sum of one Hundred thousand Leones (Le 100,000) money which given by brethren of Shoel Creek Primitive Baptist Church USA to support the work out here. This help will go towards providing food for the workers when they are working at the fellowship meeting house.

Photo Credit: Dominic Sundima Pessima – Cross section of folks who attended the worship service.


Photo Credit: Dominic Sundima Pessima – Praying for Brother Yusuf Saio (see him in the white dress standing in the middle)

 When I finished all activity on my list for Kongokpha village I had to walk again on foot for about 2 ½ hours to Nyadehun village where they requested for an extension of the fellowship. I arrived at the time they were done with their worship service, to God be the glory I was able to have short bible studies with them and health education session which also make them happy and requested I visit the quite often.

Photo Credit: Dominic Sundima Pessima – Meeting in Nyadehun Village

Finally, the time was ready for me to take on the hard trip back home, though it was physically though on my body but it was spiritually good as I rejoice in what the Lord is doing for his elected children. It keeps me stronger to see his children rejoicing and praising his holy name in the midst of all hardship, poverty and persecution they still endure.

Brethren, I ask for your continued support and hand in prayers for spiritual growth in the life of the Lord’s children in this part of the Lord’s vineyard and that they may remain steadfast and grow in understanding of the beauty of the finished work of our sovereign Lord and savior Jesus Christ in whom we have rest and peace. There are many needs the Lord knows about your support and encouragements will help us greatly. God bless you for your precious reading time. I will keep you all posted on the labor efforts in Sierra Leone, thanks for your reading time.

Submitted By: Brother Dominic Sundima Pessima

Fellowship Leader – Sierra Leone.

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